Great news, details of the SA Quilters 2023 Trunk Show have been released. On 15 September nationally recognised modern Aussie Quilter, Jemima Flendt will share a collection of her quilts. As a tutor, author, pattern creator and social media icon, Jemima’s knowledge and experiences are extensive – an evening not to be missed.

Please email the Events Co-ordinator for further information and to secure your ticket.

Details on the poster which you can download here.

Jemima Flendt Reviews

Jen Kingwell
“I think this concept is great. I’ve been in this industry longer than I care to admit and I love seeing new and fresh ideas. Jemima has come up with a great concept for her third book. As crafters we quite often dabble in many different creative outlets and I’m sure this book will inspire many.”

Kath Doughty
“Jemima Flendt has produced a book that is right on trend both in beautifully presented ideas and easy to understand instructions. In a true “thinking outside the square” mentality this book offers a path to stretching outside our regular routines. As an obsessed quilter I am now inspired to pick up a crochet hook to make a few complimentary projects!”

Lisa Cox @aspoonfulofsugar
Quilt It, Crochet It” provides fresh inspiration for lovers of handmade. Whether you enjoy quilting or crocheting, or both craft techniques, there are plenty of projects on offer to keep you busy, develop your skills or encourage you to try a new technique. Jemima uses her signature style and amazing eye for colour in 14 gorgeous projects. This unique book is a must have for your craft library.

The concept is novel (if not earth-shattering): why not pair similar quilting-design styles in crocheting and sewing to deliver one harmonious, complementary look? It works well. In her first published foray into crocheting, Australian author Flendt (Weekend Quilting, 2017; Quilt Big, 2018) wisely sticks to the plain-Jane, granny-square style of needlework. Six pillows, blankets, and potholders are paired to demonstrate what’s possible (and not possible) to duplicate in the hybrid craft. By far the most successful elements are the hearts and squares, both color- and structure-wise. Good, illustrated how-tos upfront launch the concept and subsequent projects and instructions in an easygoing manner. Tips throughout enable crafters to finish strong without redos (fingers crossed): leave a long enough tail, wash quilts, clean and care for sewing machines, and J.A.Y.G. (join as you go), among others. “Quilt one, crochet two” might be the new mantra.