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Dear Quilters’ Guild of South Australia members

Our world has changed more than we could have imagined when I wrote the letter below to you all less than two weeks ago. In retrospect we made the right call at the time and by now I’m sure we can all acknowledge that there is no way that anyone can anticipate how long the current pandemic will impact on our society and therefore our Guild. We have a number of scheduled events coming up in the near future, and I’d like to reassure you all that the Executive Committee and Guild subcommittees will continue to monitor the pandemic situation and its impact on those events. We will keep you up to date on both our website and our Facebook page.

In the interim we have decided to change the format of our monthly I-Patch digital newsletter and offer a range of articles to interest and inspire you. The April edition is due for distribution next week, so that timeline may challenge us a little! We’re hoping that by May we’ll have had more time to create the new format in full and to have established a more efficient method of distribution than we currently use.

Life is different and digital contact is a lifeline for many of us in isolation and withdrawal from our normal routines. The internet is exploding with opportunities to participate in quilt-alongs, challenges, mystery quilts, quilting tutorials and mask making. We’ve tasked Patches Editor, Bron, with compiling a list of interesting websites that we will publish in I-Patch.

I hope that all of our members and their families are safe and well. We will continue to keep in touch and to keep you informed as soon as any new information comes to hand. Remember – uninterrupted sewing time has been a long-held dream for many of us, so let’s focus on the therapeutic benefits of our quilting, stay healthy, keep in touch with loved ones and friends and look forward to when we can once again share our day-to-day lives with each other.

Chris O’Brien
President, QGSA
25th March 2020

Dear Quilters’ Guild of South Australia members

We find ourselves currently challenged with decisions that need to be made regarding Guild meetings, workshops, conferences and affiliated group gatherings in order to minimise COVID-19 risk factors for our members, many of whom might be considered at higher risk than the general population.

In line with guidance from health officials in response to this situation, that organisations limit non-essential, organised public gatherings, the Executive Committee has formulated our Guild’s response. This decision was made after careful consideration, with the health and safety of Guild members being our top priority.

Effective immediately

  • Guild meetings will be cancelled until further notice
  • The monthly Sit and Sew Days will be postponed until further notice
  • The leadership conference (that was postponed from November’s catastrophic day) will again be postponed.
  • Scheduled workshops will be postponed (dates to be advised)
  • We recommend that affiliated group gatherings/meetings also be cancelled

At this stage we are unable to identify how long our response might last. We need to be mindful that future Guild events may also be affected by government health warnings. At this stage we hope to have a clearer picture by May and at that time we will reassess our response and advise you of any decisions made.

The Guild’s Patches newsletter will be mailed out to all members in early April.

The Guild’s AGM is scheduled for May but, again, whilst we are unable to confirm whether or not it will need to be postponed, it is more than likely.

Please be mindful that this is an evolving situation and that keeping our members informed will be our priority. We will advise all members by email, but please check our website and Facebook page for quick access to updated information.

If you know of any members who do not check their emails regularly, nor have an email address, please could you ensure that the information in this email is shared with them.

Finally, we understand that patchwork and quilting is an important social event for many of us. We are in the difficult position of not wanting to overreact but nor do we want to put anyone at risk.

Finally, please refer to the official Dept of Health website as your source of information. The information is updated daily.



Kind regards
Chris O’Brien
President, QGSA
15th March 2020

Saturday, 30th May 2020. 10am to 3pm
Adelaide West Uniting Church. 312 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park.
Market Day postponed due to Coronavirus. New date to be advised.

Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc was formed in 1984 and has grown to encompass over 500 individual Guild members with over 100 city and country groups now affiliated with the Guild Read more

Evening Meetings
Are held at Burnside Community Centre on the first Thursday of each month from February to December at 7.15pm for 8pm start. Parking onsite with no time restrictions.
*details of each meeting below
Daytime Meetings
are held quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday of February, May, August and November.
Doors open at 12:45pm for 1:30pm start.
Parking is available onsite, however with time restrictions. To avoid moving your car during the meeting we suggest checking the streets behind Burnside Community Centre.
Sit and Sew Monthly Group
Where: Vermont Uniting Church, 576 Cross Road, South Plympton
Date: Second Wednesday of every month
Time: 10am to 3pm
Cost: $10 for members, $15 for non-members includes morning and afternoon tea. (Please bring lunch)
POLICY: Catastrophic Days
If a Government Department declares a Catastrophic Day, all Guild organised activities will be cancelled.
It is recommended that all Guild affiliated groups adopt this policy.

QGSA Guild Meetings - Visitors always welcome

2020 Focus Shop
Apr 2
Meeting cancelled due to Coronavirus
Speaker: Michael Barton - Guild Librarian
Guest Tutor: To be advised 
Show & Tell: Childrens Quilts
Community Raffle Quilt: Quilt Encounter
Quilters Quarters
May 7
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING cancelled due to Coronavirus
Speaker: Virginia Brown - Foodbank
Special presentation: Six quilters showing their quilts from the beginning to prize winners. 
Guest Quilters: Dianne Giles, Marg Hobby, Heather Weatherald, Prue Wheal, Sonia Holton, Wendy Hunt
Show & Tell: Appliqué Quilts
Community Raffle Quilt: Festival of Quilts
May 20 Daytime
Meeting cancelled due to Coronavirus
Speaker:Elizabeth Camping - Trunkshow
Show & Tell:
Finished UFOs
Display Quilts: Elizabeth Campbing Quilts
Community Raffle Quilt: Festival of Quilts
Fat Quarter Raffle: Japanese
Jun 4
Possible cancellation on further advice.
Speaker: LC Benjamin Robinson - Aussie Hero Quilts
Show & Tell: Block of the Month quilts
Community Raffle Quilt: Quilt Encounter

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(March to June 2020 - both daytime and night time meetings)
Notice From the Burnside Council
We are writing to you to advise of a recent decision by Council supporting a Pump Track trial within the City of Burnside. This trial will see a portable pump track installed in the north western corner of the car park at the City of Burnside Civic Centre (refer to location map) on the corner of Portrush Road and Fisher Street Tusmore from approximately 29 February to 15 June 2020.
The area in question will be fenced off to traffic and will mean a reduction in the number of carparks available.
...We suggest asking your group members and guests where possible to carpool to large events during this time, consider parking in adjacent streets, walk or cycle if they are able bodied and live nearby. Please ensure that you observe all signs and parking restrictions when parking vehicles.
See photos below. 
If you have questions, please contact Guild President, Chris O'Brien by email at President

We've had several enquiries as to what our plans are to help those who have lost so much during the recent bushfires. We do have a Guild policy that provides guidelines for our response strategy, which was developed several years ago following previous national disasters. It can be found on our website page if you'd like to have a read. 
The Executive Committee does not meet again until late January, by which time I suspect that we will all have a clearer idea as to how best we can respond to requests for support.
I know that within my own local area they have asked us to stop offering goods and instead financial contributions are being sought. Here is an online link to what I believe to be one of the preferred charities:
Vinnies SA Bushfire Appeal December 2019
We will keep in touch with all of our members once we have identified the best way that we can be supportive. That said, if one of our own members has lost everything in a recent bushfire please do make us aware of it as that has every chance of impacting on any decisions that we make. 
[email protected]

Guild Phone Number 0432 483 263

Shop of the Month: PennyLane Patchwork

Grant & Scholarship applications are due 2 April 2020

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Festival of Quilts - Best of Show 2019

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'Green Eyed Monster'

Congratulations Rachelle Denneny

Category: Modern, One-person, 180 x 180cm

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