SA Quilters Scholarships - 2023
  1. Scholarships may be awarded annually.
  2. Moneys for the scholarships are to come from interest accrued annually on funds invested.
  3. Scholarships will be for an individual quilter.
  4. Scholarship recipients must be and have been financial members of SA Quilters for the immediate past three (3) years. Individuals belonging to groups which are affiliated members are not eligible unless they are members in their own right.
  5. The aim of the scholarships is to further the quilting knowledge and expertise of the individual by assisting with expenses for one or more of the following:
  6. - learning or research;
    - promotion of skills, eg, publication, exhibition, lecture tour;
    - participation in an overseas educational tour.
  7. Scholarship recipients will be expected to share any knowledge or skills gained with other quilters and/or the community at large.
  8. Scholarship recipients will be announced at theĀ  SA Quilters Annual General Meeting in May each year.
  9. Scholarship recipients will be decided by the SA Quilters Leadership Team or their nominees, and their decisions will be final.
  10. If it is considered that no application of merit has been submitted, no scholarships will be awarded.
  11. A written report should be submitted to SA Quilters Leadership Team, suitable for publication in I-Patch at the end of the project.
  12. For enquiries email SA Quilters Secretary.

    Applications must be received by 1st April each year.

Download Scholarship Application Form (Word)

Download Scholarship Application Form (pdf)

Download Scholarship Information (PDF)