SA Quilters

SA Quilters Patrons:
Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia
and Mr Rod Bunten

2022 Leadership Team:
Left to right: Cindy Massey, Shez Hobbs, Kathleen Rossini, Julie Symons, Peg Argent, Michael Barton, Rosslyn Wyatt, Keith Holland, Jan Goulter, Jackie Harris, Denise Johnston, Margaret Hurrell, Gaylene Morgan and Heather Ford (President)

Heather Ford
Ph: 0432 483 263
Email: President
Run meetings - Exec, Finance and General Workshops
Team; Life Members/Service Awards; Finance
Sub-Committee; Tiger Team (Central); Appraisal Panel;
Volunteers Retreat; Belle Point; Sit and Sew Days Team; Rural Roundup
Vice President
Cindy Massey
Meetings Team; Communications Team; Guest Speaker Liaison; Sit and Sew Days Team; Insurance
Vice President
Julie Symons
Grants and Scholarships; Royal Show Liaison; Meetings Team
Secretary Gaylene Morgan
Email: Secretary
General Secretary Duties; Public Officer;
Finance Sub-Committee; Registrar; Assets Register
Hon. Treasurer Keith Holland Finance records; Finance Sub-Committee
Assistant Treasurer Jan Goulter
Email: Assistant Treasurer
Assistant Treasurer; Festival of Quilts Committee; Mail.
Kathleen Rossini
Membership records; Communications Team Leader;
I-Patch/Web site/Facebook
Group Community Raffle Quilts
Denise Johnston
Email: Community Quilts
Group Community Raffle Quilts; Meetings Team
Insurance Team Leader
Margaret Hurrell
Email: Insurance
Insurance; Meetings Team
Meetings Team Leader Peggy Argent
Email: Meetings
Meetings Team; Workshops Team; Tiger Team (West);
Shops Liaison; Country Forum Team
Workshops Team Leader Rosslyn Wyatt
Email: Workshops
Workshops; Meetings Team
Librarian Michael Barton
Email: Library
Library; Tiger Team (North East)
Assistant Librarian Jackie Harris Library; Meetings Team
Groups Liaison Cindy Massey Groups Liaison; Communications Team; Country
Forum; Meetings Team; Sit and Sew Days Team
Merchandise/Raffles Shez Hobbs
Email: Merchandise
Merchandise; Raffles
Events June Yam Stead Events

SA Quilters TEAMS
Autonomous teams have been formed to streamline the various SA Quilters operations. Members of the Executive Committee and other members support the work of SA Quilters through the team structure.  To download the detailed team document click on Team Structure 2023.


Communications Team Chris O'Brien, Bron Atkinson, Jane Polden,
Cindy Massey, Kathleen Rossini, Ally Baum, Rhoda Ryan
I-Patch Co-ordinator
Email: I-Patch Co-ordinator
Appraisal Panel Convenor Heather Ford
Email: Appraisal
Judging Panel Convenor Jill Christian
Email: Judging
Festival of Quilts Convenor Ann Ewer
Email: Festival of Quilts Convenor
Quilt Encounter Convenor Kerryn Brand
Email: Quilt Encounter Convenor
Modern Mix SA
Monique Reed
Email: Modern Mix

Archives Candy Walker
Claytons Committee Lessa Siegele/Faye Packham
Southern Comforters Mary Heard/Kay Wilson
Flinders Kids Chris O'Brien
Email: Flinders Kids
Dare to Differ 2022 Suzanne Gummow
Email: Dare to Differ Convenor
Frame Hire Bookings
Angela Yeates
Email: Frame Hire
Group Raffle Quilt Bookings Denise Johnston
Quilts of Love Jill Clausen
Supper Carolyn Thurtell
Raffles Gwen Butler
Welcome Desk Margaret Hurrell, Jill Christian, Peg Argent, Denise Johnstone
Tiger Team Vicki Hart (East)
Meetings Room set-up Wayne Owles

Enquiries please email: Secretary

Post general correspondence to: PO Box 993 KENT TOWN SA 5071

Download the Nomination Form here for the Executive Committee