Flinders Kids

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SA Quilters is proud to support an initiative with the children’s ward at Flinders Medical Centre, established by Kay Lovell and Shirley Andrewartha and currently managed by Chris O’Brien.

We supply bright, cheerful quilts that are 40” x 60” in size, although there is some flexibility in these measurements as there are varying ages of children in the ward. There are also times when accompanying adults are offered a larger quilt if they stay with children overnight.

We like our quilts to be labelled with SA Quilters Quilts of Love labels, so please collect from the Flinders Kids desk at SA Quilters meetings or contact Chris to have some mailed out to your group.

The quilt in the banner above is made using 10” blocks and instructions are below.

For the Flying Geese:
Cut 30 5 1/4” (geese fabric) squares.
Cut 120 2 7/8” (background fabric) squares.

Cut 48 @ 1 1/2” x 10 1/2” high contrast strips.
Cut 24 @ 2 1/2” x 10 1/2” (colour 1) strips
Cut 24 @ 2 1/2” x 10 1/2” (colour 2) strips

There are plenty of online tutorials for making No Waste Flying Geese using the 5 1/4” and 2 7/8” squares. This is not the most accurate way of making Flying Geese BUT it’s fast and adding the simple strips allows for some fudging if your geese are a little inconsistent.

Assemble 24 strips of 5 Flying Geese.
Add high contrast 1 1/2” strips each side of the flying geese strip.
Add 2 colour 1 @ 2 1/2” strips to each of 12 blocks
Add 2 colour 2 @ 2 1/2” strips to each of 12 blocks.

Most of all we’ll have lots of fun and support a great cause.

For more information please contact Chris.

There are lots of web sites and YouTube sites with free instructions on making quilts which would suit the Flinders Kids project and are easily adaptable to the size required.

Try these links:
Ground Cover with Jenny Doan
Balancing Act with Donna Jordan
Double Irish Chain from Teresa Downunder