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Quilts of Love have been made in South Australia by SA Quilters members since 1996. The Little Quilts of Love were inspired by a similar project in NSW and was started here in SA by the late Jean Pearce OAM. They were supplied to maternity hospitals to enable babies who were stillborn or died soon after birth to be wrapped with love. Fortunately, over the years pre-natal and peri-natal care have improved and we now have far less need for the Little Quilts of Love. As we have a considerable collection stored we are no longer asking for these to be made by SA Quilters until further notice.

We are also no longer able to accept any knitted goods as Deb Hayes from the Lyell McEwin Hospital has about three years worth already stored at her home!

In more recent years SA Quilters has been asked by the Lyell McEwin Hospital to make Isolette Covers and Crib Quilts to brighten their NICU and Special Care Nurseries. This has since been taken up by other hospitals throughout the state.

How can you help?

We are once again accepting Isolette covers and crib quilts as our stocks are getting low. These can be brought to SA Quilters meetings or dropped off at one of the drop off shops. However we still no longer need Little Quilts of Love (those under 26 inches square).

Isolette covers are still needed and they are given to the parents when their baby goes home as the hospitals are no longer able to wash these (due to the high temperatures in the commercial laundries....the quilts would not last very long!). The most needed size is the 30in x 48in used by the Lyell McEwin Hospital. Please see below for instructions to make both sizes of Isolette Covers.

Isolette Covers 30in x 48in and 32in x 32in
These are special purpose covers used by staff in NICU and SCN. They are used to lay over an Isolette to control the light environment of the baby.

These are special purpose covers used by staff in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Special Care Nurseries (SCN). They are used to lay over an Isolette to control the light environment of the baby.

After speaking to our Hospital coordinator, the covers no longer need to have a light and dark side so both sides can now be bright! The covers help create a less clinical feel to the units. They should also have wadding which helps block out the bright lights of the unit especially at sleep time. Please do not use bulky polyester wadding.

Guidelines: : Cotton fabric only. Covers may be pieced, panels or both and should be quilted. Cotton wadding is best so they can be washed if needed. Please ensure designs and any wording on fabric are appropriate for the covers.

Sizing is important as the staff need to be able to access the portholes and also be able to see the baby at all times. Lyell McEwin Hospital use the 30in x 48in which are the most used size. Some of the smaller hospitals like the 32in x 32in covers.

Crib Quilts 26in x 26in
These are used in both the NICU and SCN in the open cribs. There is no limit to your imagination for creating colourful quilts to brighten up these units and make them feel less clinical. Please remember though that they need to be soft and cuddly so do not over quilt them or add heavy machine embroidery. Soft wadding such as Pellon or thin cotton is best. We also request that no embellishments or buttons are added so that nothing can harm baby’s delicate skin if they should lie on the quilts. Please ensure designs and any wording on fabric are appropriate for the quilts.

PLEASE NOTE: All quilts must have loose threads removed and be clean and stain free. They must not have any pet fur on them. Please ensure that all pins are removed.

LABELS: Labels are available for sale at SA Quilters meetings or can be posted. Packs of 5 are $2.00 and postage will be an extra $1.00. This helps tSA Quilters cover the cost of purchasing labels and it would appreciate it if members could sew labels onto the quilts before handing them in....saves the co-ordinators a lot of time!

Quilts may be dropped for collection at the following supporting shops:

Sue’s Sewing World 165 St. Bernards Road, ROSTREVOR SA 5073

Widebacks 22 Farrow Circuit, SEAFORD SA 5169

Tricia’s Discount Fabrics 11-13 Price Street MELROSE PARK SA 5039

SA Quilters any monthly meeting

Please do not take any quilts directly to the hospitals as they have limited storage and only request quilts from coordinators as their supplies run low.

Thank you for your kind support, your contributions are so very much appreciated. Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact the co-ordinators:

Jill Clausen        Ph: 0403 016639
Monique Reed   Ph: 0421 506776

Last accuracy date 11 September 2021