Two Person - Traditional

Festival of Quilts 2014

Two Person - Traditional


1st Dayview Textiles

2nd Zara Zannettino with Hetties Patch

3rd Allmake Sewing Centre

1st Place

Omigosh! I still have Scraps
Tara Sniedze
Quilted by Lizzie Hentze, Jacaranda Quilts
247 x 247cm

Design Source: Sue Garman

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2nd Place

This goes with That
Kathryn William
Quilted by Sally MacKenzie
180 x 170cm

Design source: Sue Daley

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3rd Place

Colourful Clamshells
Valerie Feltell
Quilted by Sally Mackenzie
203 x 203cm

Design Source:
Irene Blanck