This website is provided for members and visitors seeking information about Quilters' Guild of SA Inc. It is managed by a volunteer and uses CMS Made Simple.

The website address is

Enquiries may be emailed to Guild Secretary

Google Analytics is used to track visits to the site. The information does not identify any particular user but gives us statistical insight about what is being looked at. For example in July 2011, 866 visits came from 26 countries. (738 Australian) The reports show what pages are looked at and the average time spent on the page. Also how people navigate to the page. This helps to see if the information is being accessed efficiently.

Affiliated groups may promote their events.

Member blogs may be listed as a benefit of membership.

Sponsor listings are also made as a benefit of becoming a sponsor to the annual exhibition Festival of Quilts or annual retreat Quilt Encounter

If a paid advertisement is placed in Patches Newsletter a business will be listed at Travel, Shop and Service, for the two month period of issue.

Please email the Guild Secretary for more information or to access the above benefits.

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