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Tiny Tiles of Love

This was a project designed to raise awareness of Little Quilts of Love in its 21st year, 2017.

3 inch self bound quilt tiles were sent in from all over South Australia and from as far away as Belgium and America. They were assembled into an art quilt, drawing on inspiration from the flight of the Monarch butterfly...hundreds of butterflies flying from many places and finally nestling together in comfort and support.

It was made using nearly 700 donated tiles. The date lettering was done by Sue of Sue’s Sewing World. The small tile on top right of the heart was made by the daughter of Jean Pearce (LQoL founder) Erica Diment.

The Tile project was designed and put together by Wendy Heap and Roz Heaft.

The finished product has been donated to the Women’s and Children’s hospital Foundation and will be on display at Festival of Quilts 2017.

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The Tiny Tiles Project instructions

YouTube video How to bind the tiles

(Based on self-binding for a quilt - easy to see how to turn the corners - with thanks to Teresa DownUnder)

The Monarch Butterfly inspired, Tiny Tiles of Love Quilt