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Quilt Encounter 2022
18th to 24th of September 2022
Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg

Although there is no open Visitors Day this year, Convenor Kerryn would welcome anyone who really wants to visit QE.

The available times are:
  • Tuesday 20th September from 10am to 12 noon
  • Thursday 22nd September from 10am to 12 noon

Please contact Kerryn Brand via email at Quilt Encounter Convenor to pre-arrange a time to visit.

Quilt Encounter Committee

Kerryn Brand (Convenor) Margaret Sampson
Leanne Wagner Heather Bolt
Julie Sutton Anna Rackham
Joyce Chapman Ros Holmes
Gena Martin Sonia Holton

Quilt Encounter Report - 2021

The 29th annual Quilt Encounter was again held at the Stamford Grand Hotel in Glenelg from the 12th to the 17th September. This year saw 139 participants, with most of these coming from South Australia, but we also welcomed 16 from the Northern Territory, 2 from Western Australia and 2 from North Queensland.

Unfortunately, so many of our interstate ladies cancelled due to the volatile Covid situation and State border restrictions. The New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victorian ladies just could not get across the State border – disappointing as just a couple of months earlier things were looking very promising for interstate travel. The tight South Australian border closures also involved all of our eastern states’ tutors - also very disappointing!

All of these cancellations then created some “juggling” to maintain what workshops we could and create a couple of extra classes to accommodate those ladies who were attending Quilt Encounter. Thus, we were able to add an extra 2-day Mystery workshop with Faye Packham and Lessa Siegele and Kathy Horton ran an extra two days of the Posh Snowball class. With large numbers in Mandy Murray’s three classes, Zoom sessions were a good option to handle these – this worked very well, with the assistance of the “Tech” people at the Stamford Grand. Gina Burgess also stepped in to help out at very short notice and was able to take Deborah Louie’s Bouquet of Flowers 2-day workshop. Huge “thanks” to Deb for sharing this workshop with Gina, so that we could continue that class.

Then our local tutors, Rachelle Denneny, Jacky Eyre, Pam Holland and Penny Vanderwal happily took on some “extras” in their workshops too. We are all very grateful to every one of these fabulous tutors for their support in enabling our participants to pursue the creative stitching that is an integral part of Quilt Encounter. Jen Kingwell’s “The Avenue” class went ahead with a couple of experienced helpers – this kept 21 ladies happily progressing their work with this lovely hand stitched design. The Committee would also like to acknowledge and thank all of the participants who had their classes changed around at short notice. We understand that having purchased supplies and “prepped” for workshops that we could no longer run, it was quite an adjustment to then re-organize for alternative classes. These ladies all adapted and understood this “juggling game” was the only option to keep the event going so that they were able to enjoy their time at the Stamford Grand, with the fun and camaraderie that is Quilt Encounter.

Our two South Australian Scholarship ladies were able to join us this year too. Margie from Kangaroo Island and Janelle from Lobethal enjoyed their first experiences of QE after enduring extremely tough times in the aftermath of our January 2020 fires. The companionship of like-minded ladies and their stay at the Grand for some “me” time was appreciated – their smiles said it all!

The shops that joined us at the Stamford Grand again provided beautiful displays with plenty of choice for participants to purchase for their classes or to add to their “stash”. Huge thanks to Kim from Kornacraft and Lyn from Quilters Quarters – your sponsorship and support was greatly appreciated.

Otto from Otto & Pennys Sewing Centre again supplied Bernina Machines for our interstate ladies to use for their classes. The sponsorship and massive support  Otto provides to Quilt Encounter every year is amazing – we are very grateful.

Bernina Australia also provided substantial sponsorship to assist with the costs incurred with our tutors - again, year after year and very much appreciated.

This year we were able to hold a Dinner Night on the Thursday evening with delicious food and present our Major Prize Draws, along with our Raffle Quilt draw, the Grand Hotel High Tea Raffle draw and other Raffles and Prizes. So many delighted ladies were the recipients and again, we say how much everyone appreciates the amazing sponsorship and support provided to our annual Quilt Encounter event.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hold Visitor’s Day again this year - with Covid regulations, this was not possible. We hope this can return to QE in 2022.

Kirsten, our Conference Organiser at the Stamford Grand, provided great support as we worked through the planning and changes that were needed again this year. Huge thanks to Kirsten and all the amazing staff at the Stamford Grand Hotel – they do an enormous amount to ensure that Quilt Encounter runs smoothly – all very professional and attentive to our needs.

Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of Quilt Encounter – so some special celebrations will be in order. Dates booked at the Stamford Grand are from the 18th to 24th September, when we hope ALL of our interstate ladies will be able to join us. We anticipate the 2022 Brochure will be posted out in April and this hardworking committee have already commenced some initial planning for this occasion.

Please enjoy this Slideshow of photos from Quilt Encounter 2021 - QE2021

Kerryn Brand - QE Convenor

Please contact either Kerryn Brand via email at Quilt Encounter Convenor or Margaret Sampson via email at Quilt Encounter Information for all QE information.

Kerryn Brand and her Quilt Encounter committee did not let the Corona Virus obstacles stop them from holding the successful 2020 Quilt Encounter event.  Their attention to detail, taking into account the health and well-being of tutors and participants, is to be commended. They adopted “The Show must go on” approach and it worked.

Quilt Encounter was held at the Stamford Grand Hotel at Glenelg from Sunday 4th October to Friday 9th October 2020.  The Quilting Room and Widebacks Australia  were the two major sponsor shops which set up for the entire event, and we thank them for their support.  Otto & Penny's Sewing Centre Bernina (always very supportive of Quilt Encounter), joined us at the Stamford Grand Hotel as well. In total, 141 participants attended including tutors, shops and committee.

SA Quilters would like to acknowledge the sponsorship that the following people so generously gave in support of Quilt Encounter. Without them we would not have been able to have provided goody bags, table prizes and the major raffle this year.  So if you patronise these businesses, purchase any of their products or meet with them socially PLEASE take the time to express your appreciation of their support.

We also thank the tutors who shared their expertise in the classes which were held throughout Quilt Encounter.  On Monday and Tuesday there were 96 students with 7 tutors; Wednesday 94 students with 8 tutors and Thursday and Friday 94 students with 6 tutors.  By any measure, an amazing achievement in these uncertain times.  We acknowledge the valuable contribution to the success of the event made by our tutors:

  • Pam Holland, Chris Jurd, Rachaeldaisy, Wendy Williams, Linda Haig, Heather Ford, Rachelle Denneny, Chris O’Brien, Kerryn Brand, Jacky Eyre, Kathy Horton, Roz McDonald.

Congratulations to the following major prize draw winners at Quilt Encounter:

  • Jennifer Hawes, Marie Barnes, Joyleen Miller, Barb McIlvaine, Debbie Hayes, Helga Spratz, Jane Haley, Marg Horan, Julie Plush, Glenyce McGauchie, Karen Salman, Apples Kemp, Helen Wells, Kath Lock, Kay Calder, Vivienne Duncan and Coralie Ford.

Lessa QE2020 Scholarship

The 2020 Quilt Encounter Lessa Siegele Scholarships have been awarded. Congratulations to the three recipients from Lobethal (SA), Parndana (SA) and Cobargo (NSW).

Committee all dressed up in 2018:

QE photos 2018

QE photos 2017

QE Photos 2016