Pick A Box Mystery 2020

Pick A Box Mystery 2020
April 2020

I just want to give a huge acknowledgement to the wonderful Lessa Siegele, who has only recently embraced Facebook and has undergone a huge learning curve to upload the first step of our next mystery in our new Facebook group.

Lessa has taken a totally different approach to the next mystery - it's going to be a Pick A Box mystery. I've not done one, but I believe that we all start off making the same pieced units but at various stages of construction we choose different pathways to follow. At least two quilters in the Casa Felix Mystery have been pattern testers, so we will have a good support group behind us.

I know that some of you want/need time to shop from your stash in preparation to starting, so we'll open up the new FB group over the weekend. I hope that many of you will continue our mystery quilt journey - the interaction that we've all enjoyed has been most welcome in these times of isolation.

Chris O'Brien
President, Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc

April 2020

Some notes from Lessa

You will need light fabrics of a similar value and contrasting dark fabrics of a similar value. If you have some large pieces of fabric you’d like to use you will need 80” minimum. You might like to use just one fabric for the background and scraps for the contrast.

Have fun choosing your fabrics; a variety of small prints, geometrics and spots may work well. For the design to stand out, each set of fabrics, light and dark, must be of similar value with a high contrast between your light and dark fabrics.

Hint: When you have made your selection line the fabrics up with just a little of each showing. Any that stand out should be discarded.

I chose lots of florals but a couple I will have to discard as the print is large, with light flowers on the dark background. If I used this fabric the block would have light and very dark pieces and the light flowers wouldn’t show up the pattern on the light background. A few others are too light and these will have to be discarded. The background is a very light pink print. Maybe you still have some calico/homespun in the back of the cupboard. Remember that is all we used in the ‘70’s and it makes a good contrast when using scrap. We are not making a Best of Show quilt!!!


Lessa will release instructions weekly. You can download your instructions below or by going to the Mystery Quilt Facebook page here.  All instructions will be made available in portable document format (pdf).
Mystery Quilts made by the Clayton's Team

Block A by Michele

Block A by Michele

Block B by Lessa

Block B by Helen

Block C by Kay

Block C by Lessa

Block D by Lorraine

Block E by Faye


Lessa has generously provided a couple of the Clayton's Patterns which you can make with her clever Half Square Triangles (HST) method: