Isolette Covers

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Along with Little Quilts of Love there is a need for Isolette Covers

These are special purpose covers used by staff in Neonatal intensive care units (NICU)
and special care nurseries (SCN)

They are used to lay over an Isolette to control the light environment of the neonate

One side should be dark and one side should be a light colour

Staff will turn to each side as appropriate

The cover adds a homely effect to detract from the ‘medical’ feel of the unit and is of comfort to the parents

Covers are kept by the hospital but may sometimes be offered to parents to take home


Fabric:   cotton only

Covers may be pieced, panels or both

One side light colours......for day

One side dark .......for night

May be quilted

Wadding: thin wadding is OK ie pellon/flannel to block light getting through cover...not always required depending on fabric selection

Download instructions:

with photos

without photos

DESIGN A (worked in consultation with WCH staff 2016)

Women’s and Childrens hospital

Burnside Hospital

SIZE: Square 32 x 32 inches (82 x 82 cm)

DESIGN B (designed by Inman quilters with FMC staff 2016)

Lyell McEwin Hospital   (prefers wadding)

Flinders Medical Centre

SIZE: Rectangle 48 x 30 inches (122 x76 cm)

No labels required

Please take direct to hospitals OR drop-off at shops as per Little Quilts of Love