Country Grants


Due to coronavirus restrictions no scholarships/country grants were awarded in 2020. All applications received will be held over until 2021.
New applications are due on 1st April 2021.

Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc Country Grants will be announced at the next Annual General Meeting.

Country Grant Applications must be received by 1st April 2021

1. Grants up to $500, with a total of $1,500 allocated for the year 2020, may be awarded to country groups requiring financial assistance to further the art of quilting in their area or region.

2. Requests for grants should be for activities designed to help a whole group, or the community at large, e.g.:

  • the running of retreats, workshops, exhibitions etc.
  • charity group expenses
  • group activities such as community wall hangings, bus tours to other exhibitions etc.
  • group valuation of quilts

3. Requests for grants may be made prior to all arrangements being finalised on the proviso that, should the event not take place, any money advanced by the Guild will be returned to the Guild. Requests, however, have to show planning and intent, and those without substantive information will not be considered.

4. Requests for grants will only be received from groups which are financial members of the Guild, and have been for three [3] years.

5. Groups may make requests for grants annually; however, depending on the number of applications received, they may be refused another grant for three years.

6. The grant recipients will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in May 2020. If funds remain, another allocation may be made in November 2020.

7. Requests for grants will be considered by the Executive Committee or their nominees, and their decision/s will be final.

8. If it is considered that no application of merit has been submitted, no grant will be awarded.

9. A written report should be submitted to the Guild Executive Committee, suitable for publication in Patches at the end of the project.

10. For enquiries and application forms contact:
President, Chris O'Brien
Email: Guild President

Download Country Grant Application Form (PDF 84kb) (October 2019)

Download Country Grant Information (PDF 116kb) (update 16 Jan 2020)