Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc

Executive Committee 2018/2019

President / FOQ Committee / Finance SC
Chris O'Brien
0432 483 263
[email protected]
Secretary / FOQ Convenor 2019 Ann Ewer
Hon. Treasurer Keith Holland
Banker Jan Goulter
VP / Projects / Asset Register Christine Baker
VP / Group Liaison Anne Marie Serrano
Librarian Michael Barton
Membership / Projects Margaret Sampson
[email protected]
Meeting Greeter / Tiger Team Emilie Knight (see below)
Meetings / Demos
Lesley Miller
Jo Reardon
Meeting Speakers / Shops Liaison Dorothy Paterson
[email protected]
Raffles Bronnie Young
Appraisal Panel Heather Ford
Scholarships & Grants see below
Supper Roster see below
Welcome see below
Workshop Convenor N/A
Ex Officio Positions:
Insurance Liaison, Public Officer Bronwyn Atkinson
[email protected]
Editor Bronwyn Atkinson
[email protected]
Appraisal Panel Representative Heather Ford
Judging Panel Representative Jill Christian
Quilt Encounter Representative Jean Haese

Other responsible contacts for 2018/2019

Welcome Registrar Peggy Killen
Appraisal Panel Heather Ford
Archives Candy Walker
Claytons Committee Lessa Siegle
Dare to Differ 2019 Suzanne Gummow
Exhibition Convenor 2019 Ann Ewer
[email protected] (August 2018)
Frame Hire Bookings
June Bull
Frame Hire - Portable Rosie Player
Group Raffle Quilt Bookings June Bull
Judging Panel Jill Christian
Little Quilts of Love Kay Lovell, Shirley Andrewartha
Meetings - Greeter Jeannie Gregory
Quilt Encounter Convenor 2018
Kerryn Brand
Scholarships & Grants
Chris O'Brien/Anne Maree Serano
Supper Roster Carolyn Thurtell
Southern Comforters Mary Heard
Website; Social Media Candy Walker
[email protected]

Enquiries: send an email to the member concerned at: [email protected] (Specific contact details can be found at Page 2 in Patches Newsletter, or on the associated web page)

Post general correspondence to: PO Box 993 KENT TOWN SA 5071

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