Dare to Differ

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QGSA Biennial Contemporary Quilt Exhibition

1 - 25 September 2017

Venue: Gallery M - Marion Cultural Centre

Quilts in this exhibition will be original and innovative, predominantly fibre and comprised of at least two layers stitched together.

Entries : closed

Convenor Suzanne Gummow

Sponsored by Brother International (Aust)

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A selection of entries from the 2015 Dare to Differ Exhibition

Opening Night


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Most Innovative

Awarded by Brother

Out of the Ashes
Pamela Manika

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2nd Prize

Awarded by
Sue's Sewing World

The Gallery Experience
Margaret Knapp

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Flora Eucalyptus
Anna Brown

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Leaf Bed
Beth & Trevor Reid

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The Sapling
Ruth Galpin

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Brenda Gael Smith

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Above and Beyond
Rosie Gates

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CBD Bojagi
Samantha Pope

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