Left to Right: Carolyn Thurtell, Robyn Ferguson, Nola Pearce, Bronwyn Savage, Maxine Smith, Heather Ford (Convenor), Vicki Hart
Absent: Judy Simcock, Pat Groocock, Sue Wege

Congratulations and thanks to the members of the Appraisal Panel (previously the Valuation Panel) past and present, on the achievement of almost 30 years service to and for the Quilters Guild of South Australia.

Quilt appraisal is one of the services our Guild offers its members. We appraise quilts for replacement value, in case they are lost, stolen or maybe damaged or destroyed. Should you have a quilt appraised I am sure you will be surprised at the replacement value.  Many of you will have a significant value of quilts in your possession and may benefit from having them listed on your household insurance policy in case something unfortunate happens to any of your quilts. Quilt appraisal offers an insurance company a quilting industry estimate of the value of your quilt.

It is also a fantastic addition to include a certificate of appraisal when you gift a quilt. It puts a true value on the effort and love which is woven into your quilt.

It is important that you have recorded the provenance of your quilt and have a detailed label on your quilt.
Download a detailed article written by Heather Ford on Provenance and Labels here.


A Quilt Appraisal Service is available.

A certificate will be provided.

A fee of $20.00 for Guild members, $30.00 for members of affiliated groups, and $50.00 for non-members will apply per appraisal.

For details and applications forms please contact:

Heather Ford

Appraisal Panel Coordinator
Phone 0438 272 408
Email: [email protected]