The Mask Parade

Exhibitions & Events

The Project for the 2021 Festival of Quilts is a “Mask Parade”, to fit the year’s theme.

This display will be similar to the Hexies Project wall from 2019, however, we will not be selling these items, unless you wish to donate them to us to sell, as a fundraiser.

Masks, or Mask wall hangings should not exceed 15" square and must have your name on them so that we can return them to you, otherwise we will presume they are being donated and available for sale.  There is no entry fee to participate.

Download the Mask Template and create a mask.  It may be:

  • an eye mask, a full facial mask, a partial mask or a wall hanging
  • cultural, fantastical, or a traditional mask

We will gather entries all year at Guild meetings, but all pieces must be received no later than 1st April 2021.

Please direct questions by email to Anne Marie Serrano