Little Quilts of Love

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Little Quilts are sent to the maternity sections of hospitals to be used in the sad circumstance where a baby is stillborn or dies very early in life.... a tiny quilt is used to wrap the baby when he or she is taken to the parents. Parents often choose to take their little quilt home, so it becomes a very precious keepsake. These small quilts help grieving parents, families and nursing staff to talk about a difficult situation.


Size and Shape: a square shape is ideal

Please make the square no smaller than 15" (38cm) and no larger than 24" (60cm)

Fabric: Cotton prefered

Wadding: thin pellon or flannel is suitable

Quilting: keep minimal, please no buttons

*****Special Considerations: please bear in mind the purpose of this quilt when you make them. The quilt should be soft and cuddly. Because of the sad and tragic circumstances into which our little quilts go, we ask that your contribution be something very special.

Labels are available per pack of 12. Distribution can be organised through the coordinator.

Information is now available for Isolette Covers, please see below.

For further information, or for labels please contact:

LQoL co-ordinator

Wendy Heap

Free Raffle draw - Flyer June 1 2017


Little Quilts of Love 'Tiny Tiles' Project 2016/17 -instructions

YouTube video of how to bind the tiles (a large version - easy to see how to turn the corners)

In 2017, the Little Quilts of Love initiative will reach 21 years of providing these special gifts. We encourage you to be involved in the anniversary by making a 'Little Tile of Love'. Anyone can make a tile, reminding you of the LQOL purpose or a personal memory.  There will be a special tribute at a QGSA meeting (programmed for June 2017)

Isollete Covers - instructions (pending)