2020 Casa Felix Mystery Quilt

2020 Casa Felix Mystery Quilt

2020 Casa Felix Mystery Quilt

Quilters' Guild of South Australia Inc President, Chris O'Brien understands the difficult time people are experiencing during the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak which has affected the entire world. Self-isolation is a requirement in an effort to stem the progress of the pandemic.

Chris has designed a mystery quilt so that quilters can participate online. It will be a scrappy quilt - you get to shop from your stash so no-one needs to leave home. You will need light, medium and dark fabrics. You could make it totally scrappy, or use a specific range of fabrics, such as Tula, Kaffe, Asian. You could limit your light to one fabric if you wish.

At last count there are over 340 quilters taking part in the Mystery Quilt project. from all over Australia and we have quilters from overseas joining us! For those of you who use imperial measurements here are your requirements in yards (rounded up):

  • 2.1m light fabrics =2.5 yards
  • 1.75m dark fabrics = 2 yards
  • 1.5m medium fabrics = 1.75 yards


Chris will release instructions each Friday for approximately five weeks. You can download your instructions below or by going to the Guild Facebook site here.  All instructions will be made available as a Word document and pdf.

Some notes from Chris

I've got photos of 2 options you might like to consider. The first was based on 2 matching jelly rolls that I happened to have and they split nicely into a LIGHT group and 3 MEDIUM variations - which would actually work out really well if you would like to go down that path. I intended to name them Medium 1,2 and 3 for convenience, but they would look good shaded as in this photo. While I'm in isolation away from my stash I don't have anything that would be a contrast to these blues with me - that I've previously referred to as DARK, but could equally be a BRIGHT. I've used a strip of gold here, just to show what I mean by contrast.

But I love scrappy, bright quilts, so in fact this is what I've chosen. The white/red print is my constant light - I decided against scrappy lights. The blues and greens will be my mediums. The reds and dark pinks will be my dark/bright contrast fabrics.